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Two events were held today and we are grateful to the Northern Cape MEC of Education for gracing both of them. At the second event, he was accompanied by Mr Beuzana, Mr Van Staden, Mr Oliphant, the Chief Director ICT and Infrastructure and Circuit Managers Mrs Africa and Mrs Abrahams.

The newly completed KHS J.S. Maclean Entrance which was launched during the Founders Weekend on the 15th of June 2021, was officially unveiled this afternoon. The state-of-the-art entrance has been constructed through a generous donation by an Old Boy, Julius S. Maclean (2000).

The two-way entrance has access and exit points that tremendously aid the de-congestion of traffic during picking and dropping off learners. The points are separated by a room which is equipped with a toilet. The practically equipped room provides proper shelter and dignity for the security personnel manning the gate 24 hours from the many a time, harsh Northern Cape weather elements. The entrance is complemented by a newly constructed speed bump in front of the gate and a walkway that extends from the pedestrian gate right to the front of the school. This provides important safety for learners who then do not need to be warry of traffic entering and exiting the school while sharing the same thoroughfare.

In his address, the MEC of Education, Honourable Monakali praised the wonderful deed by Julius Maclean, stressing that the Government needs partners to strengthen institutions of learning, it cannot do everything on its own. He went on to emphasise what a privilege it was to have former learners who were willing and able to invest back into institutions that helped shape them.

Julius Maclean in turn spoke passionately of the school that had a great influence on the man he is today. He reminisced on his time at the school, unintentionally impressing and surprising the guests with tales of his prowess and national recognition in not only one sport, but several. He wholly embraced the education that the school provided, excelling in extracurricular activities and in class. His point was to share what a school like Kimberley Boys’ High School is supposed to impart to learners that pass through its portals. He spoke of a well-remembered time in the Francis Oats House. The school strives to present a ‘well-rounded’ boy at the end of an eventful and instructional five year journey. Mr Maclean acknowledged having received that complete moulding. He hailed the headmaster’s valiant exploits in transforming the school and appealed to the school stakeholders to support the management in maintaining the standards and traditions for the current learners by taking up projects, whether financing or investing in monitoring and mentoring the learners among many others. Before the official opening, Julius Maclean took the time to give a well-received motivational talk to Grade 12 learners. In a most humble admission, he thanked the headmaster for allowing him to partner with the school in this project and accepting his donation.

The Chairman of the KHSOBU, Keletso Dibeco (2012) thanked Julius Maclean on behalf of the Old Boys’ Union, calling for unity of purpose in backing the school. The Chairman presented Julius Maclean with a token of appreciation, the KHSOBU George Pressly Medal which is bestowed on Old Boys who represent the fraternity well. This was a fitting occasion for such bestowment. Keletso was supported by the Executive Committee, the Deputy Chairperson, Mkhokeli Pino (2008), the Treasurer, Sihle Mbekushe (2010) and Honorary Secretary, Lungile Khumalo (2011).

In his vote of thanks, the headmaster thanked Julius Maclean for his partnership and affording Kimberley Boys’ High School such a ‘grand entrance’, ultimately his support for the ongoing progressive transformation of the school. There are many projects in the pipeline that will see the school uplifted to greater heights.


Per Labores ad Honores

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