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Boarding School Accommodation



Francis Oats was built in 1920 and has accommodated thousands of Boys' High pupils since then. The love of the pupils for the hostel can be best gauged at Old Boys' functions where our ex-boarders display a great love for the hostel, their fellow pupils and teachers who went through it with them.


  • to provide as homely an environment as possible for the boarder;

  • to provide a framework of rules which enables co-existence without the infringement of the privacy of others;

  • to develop among the boarders a love for school and hostel;

  • to develop a caring attitude towards the building of relationships among the pupils;

  • to ensure that pupils have the confidence to express their concerns to the appropriate people;

  • to ensure that every pupil can feel that he is an important cog in the wheel of the hostel.




  • Parents entrust their children to this hostel and we will strive to guarantee the boys' happiness and safety as far as possible

  • Integration or initiation is not part of the school or hostel policy. Anyone that will not adhere to this cannot be part of the school or hostel.

  • No one may physically abuse anyone.

  • No juniors in seniors' rooms or seniors in juniors' rooms

  • The common room is for anyone

  • No lending of money, clothes etc will be allowed.




  • the Headmaster

  • the School Governing Body

  • the Superintendent

  • the Hostel Masters

  • the Matrons

  • the Hostel Councillors


Contact Details

Hostel Office: 0538324712



The hostel has a recreation room with television and other facilities. The Hostel is centrally situated in close proximity to the playing fields, swimming pool, squash courts, tennis courts and the school.



Our boarders are expected to enjoy themselves in an environment where they have a caring hostel staff and senior pupil representative body who ensure that their welfare is catered for. Boarders must realise, however, that just as in any family, there has to be a set of ground rules within which they may operate.

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