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The Cultural Department aims at developing the balanced person, fostering creativity and enabling learners to build confidence and gain recognition through a wide range of cultural activities.
The activities offered are many and varied. The effectiveness and success of a club, society or activity depend on the enthusiasm, motivation and energy of the teacher in charge, as well as that of the boys involved. What is important is that opportunities exist for pupils to extend and enrich themselves. Pupils who excel in these activities are recognised and in some cases colours are awarded according to established criteria.


Clubs and Societies offered at KHS

“Our Clubs and Societies encourage development of personality and interests.”


  • Wind Band

  • Chess

  • Debating

  • Drama

  • Drill Squad

  • Scripture Union

  • Public Speaking

  • Poetry Society

  • Land Service

  • First Aid

  • Choir / Chorale

  • Interact

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