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Trinity Phokoje scooped the number 2 position at the school, - he was number 4 in the last recorded top 10 (hard work rewards). He is the distinguished owner of the top position for Engineering, Graphics and Design in the 2021 NSC Examinations, in the whole of the Northern Cape Province. Trinity bagged 6 Level 7s and 1 level 6 with an aggregate of 84%.

Mrs Payne and Ms Benjamin were Trinity's favourite educators.

Trinity will be finalising his choice to study either Civil Engineering or Architecture (obviously), at the University of Pretoria or University of Cape Town.

Mr Phokoje enjoys following up on news related to technology around the world, finding out what people like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are up to. They are an inspiration to him (with reason!).

All work and no play makes one dull. Trinity's hobbies are reading, listening to all types of music, playing soccer with his 2 brothers every afternoon (it helped him to focus) See? He also sometimes watches movies , but no soapies... ( we agree).

A very inspiring set of results you produced Mr Phokoje. We celebrate with you.

From GOOD to GREAT in my space!

Per Labores ad Honores

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