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L-R: Tshepo Mazabane (Chairman - formerly addressed as Headboy, SGB Representative), Kerapetse Khumalo (Deputy Chairman - formerly addressed as Deputy Headboy, SGB Representative), Aphiwe Faas (Secretary), Sabelo Sithole (Deputy Secretary, SGB Representative), Jamal Kau (Treasurer), Letlogonolo Maputla (Academics Portfolio), Thandolwethu Moitsimang (Sport Portfolio), Musawenkosi Mentor (Culture Portfolio), Xolisile Phakedi - not in the picture (Social Events Portfolio)

Some of the foremost and basic functions of any leadership structure are to set direction, build an inspiring vision and introduce new ideas. Leaders chart a course institutions and communities need to follow in order to ultimately achieve their visions. The Representative Council of Learners, although entirely comprising of young pupils, forms an intricate part in assisting the institution that is Kimberley Boys’ High transcend from a good to a great school.

We find ourselves existing in times where there is a deficit of exceptional male figures in our different spaces, particularly those that can lead communities with dignity, sheer honesty, leaders whose actions are guided and informed by principles. Leadership structures such as the RCL assist in the cultivation and developing of male figures in our society who can be accountable, exhibit principles of servitude at all times and more importantly men who young boys can look up to. Thus, the RCL should not be understood merely as an event, a ceremony where young persons get elected, but as a group forming one of the most important stakeholders in the schooling community. The RCL is an incubator of leaders of the next age.

Mr Zolani Jack (Educator in charge of the RCL)

The RCL of the school is democratically elected by learners. They elect class heads. Out of these the executive, portfolio heads as well as the SGB learner representatives are then elected.

In the pictures are the new Executive of the RCL and Heads of Portfolios.

The Executive L-R: Tshepo Mazabane (Chairman formerly addressed as Headboy), Kerapetse Khumalo (Deputy Chairman - formerly addressed as Deputy Headboy), Aphiwe Faas (Secretary)

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