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The newly renovated KHS Pavilion was officially opened this morning by the Northern Cape MEC of Education, Honourable Z, Monakali. He was accompanied by the Director, Teacher Development, Mr S. Beuzana and the Chief Director for Human Resources, Mr T. Van Staden . The renovations have been made possible by funds from the Northern Cape Department of Education.

The school was given three extra classes at the beginning of the year. The Department of Education engaged the School Governing Body who saw the need to accommodate the extra learners. The extra classes necessitated the renovation of the Pavilion which has been divided into four separate areas to be used temporarily as classrooms with effect from the 21st of June 2021. The partitioning can be collapsed and merged back into one big area. The school is being extended by two extra blocks of classrooms where the learners shall be housed once this project is complete. The Pavilion renovations will play a major role in supporting the school business model where it will open its doors as a state-of-the-art conference centre to raise funds for the school.

The SGB Chairperson, Mr Mafaro opened the proceedings and welcomed the guests.

Honourable Monakali thanked the School Governing Body who "did not hesitate" to take on extra learners. He expressed his deep gratitude to the Headmaster, Mr Taba and his School Management Team who partnered with the Department, opening the school's doors, agreeing to make its facilities functional and accessible to more learners from our district who need a quality education.

He thanked Mr Beuzana, who started the good work when he was the Acting Head of Department. He expressed his joy in enjoying with him and the school, the fruits of the expeditious completion of what was planted only a few months back. He pledged to walk with the school, its SGB, School Management Team and the parents in furthering quality education in the Province.

The Headmaster thanked Honourable Monakali for gracing the event and his keen and progressive leadership of one the most critical departments in the Province, tasked with educating the country's future. The MEC's long and glossy career in education and beyond was brilliantly and generously shared by Mr Beuzana when he introduced him.

The RCL also took the opportunity to wish the Headmaster, Mr Taba an early happy birthday, presenting him with a birthday cake and singing "Happy Birthday". At one point heads turned as the MEC's melodious voice topped even those boys who call themselves KHS choristers!


Per Labores ad Honores

Please follow this link to watch the official opening courtesy of Taine Fredericks (2021) (KHS Media Club)…/posts/1875243395990152

Pictures courtesy of Musawenkosi Mentor (Grade 10) and Bopaki Diraditsile (2021) ( KHS Media Club)

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