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Kimberley Boys’ High school celebrates its 134th Anniversary on the weekend of 14 and 15 May 2021. The school has celebrated the event in a lively week-long programme that began on Monday the 10th. The week will culminate at the weekend with a variety of exciting activities lined up including sport with invited schools, a KHS Band concert, Drill Squad parade, the launch of the new main entrance and the Headmaster’s Golf Day.

This event is special, not only because it is being held under difficult COVID –19 pandemic conditions, it is my first Founders’ Celebration as the Headmaster of Kimberley Boys’ High School. Sufficient provision has been made to cater for the required health protocol.

The school celebrates 134 year of existence and producing well rounded and balanced boys. We celebrate this mile stone with the school stakeholders all over the country and beyond. The school is joined by Old Boys scattered all over the world over that could not attend the event.

On this occasion of the school’s birthday I wish to celebrate and highlight a few important issues as follows: My vision is to take the school from “Good to Great”. This is a broad statement. ‘Great” is embracing a modern and practical outlook in academics, sport and a culture that builds and uplifts the current learner of Kimberley Boys’ High School. My vision is to bring progressive transformation to the school. The events on the ground should reflect this. To that end, as a start , a number of facilities upgrading and renovating projects have been embarked upon.

The KHS Main Entrance & Paved walkway The main entrance to the school is in the process of being upgraded to provide an access and exit way from the school with a boom gate controlling vehicles entering and exiting the school. A proper security booth fitted with a toilet and electricity is being constructed giving dignity and shelter to security personnel who man the school gate day and night. The two way entrance and exit will ease traffic into the school, creating a safe and accident minimizing environment for our 711 learners. A separate paved walkway has been built to prevent learners from unsafely sharing the same thoroughfare with vehicles.

The KHS Pavilion Upgrading and Renovations The school has received three additional classes to the total learner complement. Some of the classes shall temporarily be housed in the recently renovated Pavilion. The Northern Cape Department of Education has footed the expense of these renovations. The Pavilion has been sub-divided into four compartments that can be collapsed into one space. Once the construction of the block of classrooms at the school is complete, learners will be moved there while the Pavilion will be turned into a business model for the school offering excellent conference facilities. The KHS Pavilion can accommodate around 140 people.

The Headmaster’s Golf Day Launch The Headmaster’s Golf Day is scheduled to be held on 4 September at the Kimberley Golf Club. This day is geared to fund raise for the KHS Headmaster’s Scholarship aimed at academically and sport talented learners from disadvantaged communities of the Northern Cape. The objective is to give a capable boy from the small town an otherwise obscure shot at an excellent education. The target fundraising amount is R1, 2million. This covers accommodation, school fees, meals, as well as uniform and stationery for 50 boys in the Francis Oats House.

KHS Academies of excellence Kimberley Boys' High School has set up a Soccer Academy which will be equipped to develop young footballers into professional soccer players. The academy will groom professional teams from school players with the long-term goal of presenting superior, grab-worthy soccer players to professional teams on the national arena and beyond.

A KHS Entrepreneurship Academy is in the pipeline where learners will be armed with knowledge to become successful businessmen who bring solutions, upliftment to communities they hail from.

Birthday Gift from Management! A surprise birthday gift for the school will be be unveiled. We are proud to announce the arrival of a new school bus - a double decker, 68 seater with three television screens and built-in toilets. The bus will arrive later today. The bus will be part of the business model plan for the school to generate funds needed to boost the school and achieve the envisioned greatness.

Conclusion KHS celebrates 134 years of existence within a worldwide pandemic, yet with excitement and a forward looking disposition. I invite all stakeholders to join hands, in strategic partnership towards building our school and propelling it to lofty heights, from GOOD to GREAT. Together we can.

Per Labores ad Honores


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