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In a significant and historical event last night, Kimberley Boys’ High School took down the Old South African Flag and in its place hoisted the new South African flag. This action was an early observance of the Human Rights Day due to be commemorated on Monday 22 March. Kimberley Boys’ High School opened its doors in 1887 and is a site of historical interest. The old South African Flag was hanging in the school Memorial Library. In 2019, the display of this flag in public and private spaces was ruled to constitute hate speech by the Equality Court. The school subsequently removed the flag in 2019. The changing of the flags event was to give this action the ceremonial status it deserves.

The School Drill Squad led the action with a drill befitting of the occasion. The SGB Chairman, Mr Mafaro (ex Military) led the boys in a well synchronized march. The Drill Squad leader took down the Old South African Flag, folded it and handed it to the Headmaster, Mr X Taba, then proceeded to hoist the new South African flag while the invited guests sang the National Anthem led by the KHS Band.

The event was graced by notable representatives of government, the Department of Education as well as the National Heritage Council. Mr Stanley McKenzie, the Chairman of the National Heritage Council in the Northern Cape Province, attended the event. The Chairman of the KHSOBU, Mr Tumelo Mochesane attended the event.

The Guest Speaker, Honourable Constance Seoposengwe aptly described this action as patriotic, and important for social cohesion which promotes a shared sense of belonging. Honourable Seoposengwe who has held many roles in Government and is part of the generation that saw the transformation of the country to its current democratic state described the event as emotional and pride filling.

Mr Oliphant, the Chief Director of ICT and Infrastructure in the Northern Cape Province represented the Department of Education. He hailed educators at the school for the big responsibility of looking after future leaders. He described Kimberley Boys’ High School as a beacon of hope where “male towers” were being moulded. He applauded the Headmaster and acknowledged his push for progressive transformation that aims for all round excellency at the school. He challenged the Headmaster to bring back the 100%pass rate. The school pass rate was 97% and 90% in 2019 and 2020 respectively. On behalf of the Department of Education Mr Oliphant pledged to support the Headmaster ‘s vision for the school.

Honourable Mangaliso Matika emphasized the appropriateness of learners championing transformation in the school space. He commended the Department of Education for managing schools to reflect demographic dynamics of our society.

The Headmaster in closing emphasized the importance of writing one’s own story, where transformation has to be progressive, not violent. He reiterated that the transformation he envisioned for the school is necessary, is to be guarded jealously and is positive change that benefits the current learner of Kimberley Boys’ High School.

Taking KHS from GOOD to GREAT.

Per Labores ad Honores.

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