A new club has been formed with the following motto, slogan and objectives:

Motto • Earth. Fauna. Flora

Slogan • KHS Science Club: Where little things mean a lot.

Vision • The science club endeavours to nurture a culture of well- established future scientists who aspire to raise awareness about the Earth’s flora and fauna, solving environmental issues facing our society.

Purpose and aim of the KHS Science Club • To promote science interest and engagement through interactive tasks that are challenging, and yet, fun. • To develop learners’ awareness of, and concern for issues in personal, social, environmental and technological contexts. • Encourage creative and innovative activities and exchange of ideas among the Science Club members • To arouse and cultivate learners’ interest in learning practical science skills. • Use their skills to exhibit scientific habits of mind, including experimental design, data analysis, critical thinking skills and evidence-based reasoning.

• To encourage learners who are interested in the wonders of science and motivate them to further explore the field. This will develop / improve their problem-solving skills, as well as social skills. • To promote the use of ICT in learning science. • To understand scientific knowledge through participating in Science Expo competitions. • Support structure (resources) for learners that are participating in Science Fairs/Olympiads. • To understand information that comes with factual knowledge, learnt through discovery and by experiment.

Without wasting time the club delved into their first project with gusto where they cleared a patch of land they intend to turn into a thriving vegetable garden. Harvested vegetables will be donated to homes of the under privileged.

Good start and all the best to Mr Mtilene the coordinating educator and his team with this and more projects to follow.

In the pictures the boys, and Mr Mtilene can be seen hard at work.

Per Labores ad Honores

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