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“This artwork represents a woman finding herself and her strength in society. Before she builds others, she finds the puzzles that make her whole then she teaches others too. Behind her is a dark space which represents anything negative or bad but even so, she remains the focus of the artwork. She is the light in the darkness. An incomplete puzzle but still beautiful and whole”- Praise Majaya. On behalf of the RCL and Praise Majaya, Happy Women's Day.

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Top 10

We present the KHS 2021 end of year Top 10. The learners were recognised in a Top 10 assembly held on Monday morning. Fantastic achievement gentlemen! Grade 8 (Now Grade 9): 1. Kantani Oratile 2. Khu

Mr. C. Marekwa

Claude Marekwa clinched the 3rd position at Kimberley Boys' High School with a dizzying set of 5 Level 7s and 2 Level 6s. Claude enjoyed Mr Mtilene's tutelage and support during his high school caree

Mr. T. Phokoje

Trinity Phokoje scooped the number 2 position at the school, - he was number 4 in the last recorded top 10 (hard work rewards). He is the distinguished owner of the top position for Engineering, Graph


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