Dear KHS Matriculant & Parent

Well done on completing your National Senior Certificate, a world of opportunity and new experiences now awaits as you leave the courtyards of our great Kimberley Boys' High School.

When I had the pleasure of welcoming the class of 2020 into the KHSOBU at your Valedictory, I made a commitment to you and offered assistance and support to each and every one of you in 2021. I would like to reaffirm that offer today and encourage all parents and matriculants to reach out to the KHSOBU in coming weeks and months.

Our strong network of Old Boys would like to assist in the following ways: 1. Meeting with parents and Matriculant arriving in new cities and or/institutions of higher learning. 2. Mentorship for matriculants by current students or graduates in the same or similar field of study. 3. Mentorship for matriculants not yet studying further in 2021. 4. Offering in-city support for matriculants and parents.

I trust many of you will make use of this network of brothers you have now joined. Kindly e-mail all requests for mentorship or support to and we will be glad to pair you with Old Boys who can assist. Always remember our school motto as you enter this important phase of your lives as young men in academia, sport, business, work, and family. I wish you all well and hope to meet you as Old Boys over Founders' Weekends.

Per Labores Ad Honores

Tumelo Mochesane (2009) KHSOBU CHAIRMAN

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