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On behalf of the School Governing Body of Kimberley Boys’ High School, I wish to thank each and every one who participated in our 134th Founders’ Week Celebrations. It was a tremendous success-filled week with a difference. For the first time, we had the school joining through a slew of activities in the preceding week to Founders’ Weekend, in which we witnessed much talent, from drama, a recycled material fashion show to angelic and passionate singing. The learners enjoyed themselves. The official launch of the J.S. Maclean Entrance, courtesy of M&D Holdings will remain an etched proud moment in KHS’ history.

I wish to acknowledge and thank all Old boys who arrived in Kimberley and at KHS bearing welcome well wishes. Thank you to the matric reunions that took part in the festivities, Dean Sandler, Ruwald Wilson and Kgomotso Mocumi the 1991,2010 and 2011 Head boys respectively. To organisations linked to our school, the KHSOBU and KHS Development Trust, thank you. Our parents, learners and staff who worked tirelessly to see the week to rapturous fruition, l thank you.

We note in appreciation the apologies made by different invited institutions and individuals, some due to the COVID-19 scourge . Your messages of support are appreciated.

A special thank you to all the teams that participated in the various sporting activities at the weekend - if you were beaten, take it in the spirit of sport, if you beat us, well, we demand a rematch! We look forward to hosting you all again.

Heartfelt thanks to all the organisations that provided services. Food and drink, tents and cleaning services. I must mention our live streaming service that had us communicating with and to our stakeholders all over the world. Thank you to A.J. Carlo Enterprise for that superb service.

I wish to especially mention the organisations that supported the event in kind, giving generously to make the event what it was: Zecca and Frost Co (PTY) Ltd for the tents, furniture, decor, crockery, sound, golf cart and assistance with the organization of the event itself, we are truly indebted, Pino Tau Outdoor Media for the tents and furniture and the Mochesane family for the COVID-19 protective equipment to ensure adherence to COVID-19 health protocols. Our thanks to you are sincere and from the bottom our hearts.

Next year we commemorate the school’s 135th anniversary. We hope it will be at the back of the COVID-19 pandemic. We wish it to be a bigger and even more successful milestone celebration.

From GOOD to GREAT! Per Labores ad Honores


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