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“Producing Well Rounded and Balanced Boys Since 1887”


Mr. Sell Headmaster

Founded in 1887 the school has a proud heritage. Maintaining traditions of the past and evolving with the times is a crucial part of what the school stands for. The school emphasises values such as academic excellence, for which due recognition is given and social conscience and respect for the dignity and rights of others, among others. Our learners are urged to take part in sport and cultural as well as community activities. The school activities calendar is extensive and assures that our learners experience so much more in their schooling environment, in the five years they spend within Kimberley Boys’ High School care.


The school is the only boys’ school in Kimberley and the Northern Cape and that sets it apart from other educational institutions which offer a co- education. We are pleased that the choice exists and are proud to be offering an excellent level of education to those who are attracted to our particular offering.


The founding fathers of Kimberley Boys’ High were very familiar with rough and polished diamonds Kimberley was famous for.  So too are the decades of teachers who have taken the rough unrefined primary school boys and moulded them through an all-inclusive education experience to produce the young gentlemen of Kimberley Boys’ High who are so successful in the modern South Africa.


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“We at Kimberley Boys’ High School, sanction the belief in a balanced, all round, non-discriminatory education, based on the fundamental traditions of our school and hold the provision of such education as our highest goal.


Our primary concern is to respect each learner as an individual who has the right to express himself and exercise his options within a disciplined framework of care and understanding.


In striving to achieve our goal, we will promote and foster:


Academic excellence

Self development


Loyalty and pride

Social conscience

Respect for the dignity and rights

of others.”





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