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KHS has procured visualisers to aid teaching at the school. The addition of visualisers to teaching tools in classrooms will among many other advantages promote more inclusion in the classroom while giving teachers more time to teach instead of writing on chalkboards. The visualiser is connected to a laptop and a lesson can be recorded, saved, and uploaded on the school e-Learning platform for learners to revise. A lesson can also be live-streamed so that learners at home join the lesson. Learners often forget textbooks, with the visualisers, an ordinary paper or text book page can be projected onto the classroom screen for all learners to see and learn. The school looks forward to saving on photocopying as a result of this.

In the in-house video snippets recorded, Mr Vudzijena, the school HOD for Mathematics and Science gives a mock lesson to fellow teachers on the use of visualisers in class. Mr Vudzijena is a seasoned Mathematics teacher who produced the 3rd best grade 12 Mathematics learner in the country in 2018 from one of the schools in Kimberley’s Galeshewe. Before that, he taught at Galaletsang Science High School in JTG District. Whilst there, he produced excellent results, including the best learner in the Province in 2013. He is a National Examiner for Mathematics, and an Internal Moderator for the province during NSC marking. Under him the Kimberley Boys’ High School Mathematics Department is in good hands.

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Per Labores ad Honores

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